Bump on underside of chameleon?


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Ok i need some advice on this one.

I have a panther chameleon, who looks like he has a something stuck in his throat.

Let me elaborate.

About where his two front arms are, he has a little bulge at around where i guess his throat is.

I'm not sure if he has always had that, if its normal, or if i should be worried.

He seems to be doing fine with it, and its not particularly big, I just noticed it recently, and it looked a little odd.

The reason im worried about it is because recently i viewed him climbing down to the bottom of his ficus plant, and he shot his tongue and ate a piece of soil. It was the first time I had seen him do this, and It looks like he has done it once or twice other times (as seen in his poop), and it looked rather large when he ate it. Im worried if he has a similar piece stuck in his throat.

Once again the bumb doesnt appear to be too big, or causing him any problems, but here are my questions.

1) should I be worried
2) It doesnt seem to be obstructing his breathing or anything of that nature, so should it just pass?

I dont know if he has eaten since ive noticed it, but im going to try feeding him today and see if he responds.

Also if anyone knows of any reptile vets in new orleans, that would be helpful too so I can take him to one if it is more serious. (I havent been able to find one)

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