bump on lower jaw


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hey everyone, i recently noticed a bump on the lower left side of my Jackson's jaw. I dont know what it could be, he seemed alright the last couple of days but today i noticed it has gotten a little bigger. He ate 2 days ago but hasnt eaten since. He doesnt eat very much normally, but he has been eating even less... i thought it was because he was shedding, normally he doesnt eat much during that time- PLEASE HELP!

in the pic look at the way the light stops at the swelling and u can see the left part of the jaw clearly

thanks in advance for your help


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I can't see clearly enough in the picture....but if its right where the upper an lower jaws join on the lower jaw...it could be the temporal gland. Jackson's are well known for getting infections here. Although some people can treat it themselves, it should likely see a vet. These infections are known to recur too.
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