bump on chameleon lip

I wouldn't attempt to remove anything until 1) you know exactly what it is and the cause 2) you know you can do so without causing further injury/stress to your little male 3) you get your vet degree! :)

Seriously, don't attempt to remove it. If it's a cricket bite, it will probably heal by itself. You can dab a bit of Bactrin or Neosporin on it, and keep an eye out for infection or further swelling. Oftentimes, we unintentionally cause more stress and damage with our good intentions :)
i know it is a bite becuase 1 day it wasn't there and the next day it was the i didn't literaly mean i was going to remove move it i needed it know what to do to ease the swelling. thank for the help
Yeah if u could post a picture it's help everybody out on the forum and we would be able to provide more info for
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