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I ended up working way up north for a week... had my girlfriend looking after my chams while I was out of town. Anyway, on Tuesday last week I got a panic filled phone call... The misting pump is in the resevoir and still misting! What to do!?! Take it out of the water! It had been under water for at least a day, still running on the timer. One week and 28 mist sessions later it is still pumping as good as new! Great product! Thanks Marty!
... 5 melleri?! Starting a farm? :) Whats it like trying to find big enough feeders to entice those beasts to eat up here? Im thinking Id like to try a pair...
A farm.... lol Yea it does require quite a bit of space! Feeding them isn't so bad, 5 week crickets, super worms & horn worms. A couple of the adults even take some veggies. Sure wish I could get my hands on some dubia though. I'm actually about to go check out some more melleri that are new imports... I might be posting photos later today. The girlfriend is gonna kill me... lol Cheers!
Jim, You should not use that pump. Pump is not submersible and things will probably start corroding inside. I would suggest that you replace it. It's pretty crazy that it was still going. These pumps are very robust and can take a lot of abuse, just not under water :)
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