bull ants

all of my crickets where just wiped out by bull ants. nearly 2000 crickets gone in a day thanks to them. what can i do to get rid of them without harming any of my animals. i need to do something fast becuase the my chameleons are in the same area as my crickets
First of all I would put the legs of my cham enclosures in dishes of water so the ants can't enter them.

What is a bull ant?

Mix salt into the bowls of water that Brad mentioned; salt is an ant deterrent. So is cinnamon. You can make a line with cinnamon and salt and an ant won't cross it. You can put down borax and sugar mixed in equal parts.. it will kill the ants when it is eaten. Make sure the ants can't get to your chameleons afterwards, as it could make them sick too, if they ate and ant. Back when I kept birds, I used coffee cans filled about halfway with tar, that I set the legs of the coops into. That worked.

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