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My dad is a carpenter and absolutely amazing at building all sorts of things. He is helping me to build a chameleon cage for my boyfriend as his Christmas gift. It's definately not going to be finished by Christmas, but that's alright. I got my sizes and materials from researching the Chameleon Forums and looking at tanks for sale online. I'm building the tank for a 1 year old Veiled Chameleon. I know he'll probably still get bigger. So here's a description of the tank, please comment and tell me what you think! (P.S. I've read that type of screen can vary greatly and it's optional what kind you use, we used what we could find) :

4 foot tall, 2.5 feet wide, 2.5 feet deep

all four sides - pet safe screen 1/8" inch

top - 1/4" aluminum screen (I read that if you use pet safe screen on the top and rest your lighting against it that it has a tendency to melt)

door - 1.5 foot wide main door, 1 foot wide fully opening door (we did this so that he can open the 1.5 foot door for daily use like feeding, but when he wants to re-organize he can unlock the 1 foot piece and fully open in so that it's easier for him to clean and put new branches/plants in)

PVC pull-out tray flooring (will have a matching wood trim front with circular knob so that there's no space for crickets to escape from; we did the pull out tray so that it's easier for him to clean debris off the bottom without disturbing the chameleon)

large branches built in to the frame (so that they're suspended off the bottom and nothing is resting on the tray so it can be pulled out without having to hold anything up)

5 inch skirt around the base (it will be lifted off the ground about 5 inches in order to get it off the ground in case he wants to put it outside in the summer)

I'll post pictures as soon as we finish, and will post the drawing on Christmas when it gets unwrapped :)


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haha so far we only have the frames cut and built, screen isn't on yet and it hasn't been stained. but when it's complete i will definitely post photos to get everyone's opinions.
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