BUGS! i want some please.


Anyone on this Forums deal with roaches or any type of insect besides crickets and superworms. im looking to buy some other interesting creature to feed as a good feeder here and there. maybe even breed some kind of cool roach not the nasty waterbugs i see flying around from trees lol anyone here sale these insects to us chameleon buddies :).
kc morrow
ps its for a 4 month old veiled cham. maybe 3 1/2 months lil big for his size i think. just not to much meat on him..
yes i want them lol i just have no clue who to talk to on here.. i never have offered them i have only had the lil guy about three weeks now. just seems like it likes moving things can the silk and horns crawl around the cage so he can seee them? i have read that u feed only worms :) maybe u can help me huh. i am freaked out by waterbugs too lol thats what i call them. the only thing that im really affraid of i think.
Hey Reptar, I'm in Richardson. I'll pm you my phone if you want to come by and grab a few dubias. Got a few silkies you can try too.
You can order silkworms, hornworms, butterworms, etc. from online vendors. There are very few places you can get them without ordering them - I've never seen them anywhere. Hornworms grow really fast and may outgrow your cham's ability to eat them pretty quickly. Silkworms are difficult to keep very long. Butterworms are little orange blobby worms that can be refrigerated and don't need to be fed or anything. Those are really high in calcium too. They wiggle around and my chams love em! Mulberryfarms sells them, along with a few other vendors and I think there are some in the calssifieds from a forum member too. That's where I'd start.
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