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  1. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Does anyone have any Brookesia? Does anyone know anyone who is selling any or breeding them? They are my favorite chams but they are IMPOSSIBLE to get any more any may be impossible to get imports. Please IM me if you hear of any or see any from our sponsors. I periodically go over their offerings, bur never see any.

  2. mychamtini112012

    mychamtini112012 New Member

    Is that a pymgy.?
  3. Lizardlover

    Lizardlover New Member

    Yes, they are a Madagascan genus of pygmy chameleons.
  4. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    I ask this question periodically because sometimes someone has one to sell. They aren't particularly popular or well known, so I hope to get a US hatched. They aren't being imported recently from Madagascar as far as I know.
  5. mychamtini112012

    mychamtini112012 New Member

    All I've been able to find are bearded pygmies. I wish there were more pygmies to buy though, I'd love to have some.
  6. EvilLost

    EvilLost New Member


    you see R.brev's the most, and some spectrum occasionally, but pretty much anything else is very rare...
  7. pammy

    pammy New Member


    I have 2 female bearded pygmy chameleons. I got them about a month or so ago at an all pet expo. When I got them I think one of them was already pregnant. She just lay eggs this afternoon. Like you I could find different ones but either way, they are fun to take care of. Both of them have different personalities.
  8. kdc5019

    kdc5019 New Member

    There is a shipment of different/rare pygmy species coming in an import in a few weeks. Keep an eye out on the classified section, i know there will be a bunch up for grabs.

    Im on a waiting list for some Rampholeon acuminatus! I can not wait to start working with these guys!

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