Brookesia Therezieni


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I haven't seen nor heard of anyone else having one of these rare brookesia in the forums. I have a female and would love to compare notes with anyone else who currently has one of these rare beauties, either male or female.

I am currently keeping her in a similar environment as my other pygmys, however I do try to keep it sprayed a bit more. I don't soak the environment, just spray the plants so there is water on the leaves, enough to keep the plants healthy. She has plenty of sticks and debris in her 10 gallon aquarium that I have set up with terrarium layers for substrate. She seems to be doing well.

The person I received her from said she was mated, however the male passed. I have not seen any eggs. Supposedly they just drop eggs and don't dig holes to lay them in and then bury them. Whatever they do, I have not observed laying activity.

If they are as rare as I have been told, a breeding project with someone might be a good idea. I live in So. Florida, but don't really care to ship her anywhere which could hinder this activity.
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