Brookesia Superciliarus


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Kent67 just bought some. I am not sure where he got them of if he bought the last they had. You might pm him and ask.


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I did just get a pair but these are my first Brookesia. From what I've read, the B. stumpffi might be easier to care for but I like the appearance of B. superciliaris a bit more so went with them. I just reread that AdCham article for the first time since purchasing the pair and have been thinking the same thing mentioned there: they are shy and much more active than I expected. They also climb more than I expected. I set them up in a good sized Exo Terra with a lot of leaf litter, bamboo, and live plants of several varieties. I softly handmist 3-4 times per day. Basically, I looked at their distribution and decided I need to make the cage and care replicate the wild areas where the parsonii turds fall. :D

So far my little pair seems to be doing well, eating and drinking. It sure looks like I could have a couple eggs soon, too.
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