Brookesia Peyrierasi?


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I doubt anyone here has experience with that species. Where is the shop located?

Edit: Sorry, I tend to get ahead of myself. I believe only 4 species of Brookesia have quotas and this is not one of them. I can't recall ever seeing or hearing of any outside Madagascar.
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Your shop has no peyrierasi. Just 4 species have quotas and those are always the same, thieli, superciliaris, stumpfii and therezieni. Thats it. So there are two options now: First, the employees at the shop had no idea what they got, they googled Brookesia and thought that they look similar to the ones they got in. Or secondly: They want to cheat you.


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I keep several species of 'pygmy' chameleon and would love to know what they have and what price they are asking.
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