Brookesia ID and sex help!


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This was sold to me as a superciliaris but I know that there are some other species that commonly come in and are sold as sups. Heres a crummy pic for now. (it is sleeping by the way)

Did you get more than one? Or just this male?

Looks like a superciliaris to me.

Is that who you got him from? You always get the coolest little creatures :/

Hey Danny Linc in right that is a super and it is a male. Now can you get a female? maybe we need to start sending out feelers. Nick has stuff coming in very soon, not sure what all.
Gecko Corner has some on KS last time I looked. All three pics were of males though. Nice looking animal!! Linkin is right, you do have some awesome species down there!!!
It's ok. I'd keep my quads any day. Although, your animals are great Danny. There is a show soon on my side Danny- I can look out for a female for you. PM if you're interested.

I guess its hard to come by females. It threw me off looking at pictures of them, but it seems like most are of males!
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