Bringing on a Shed?


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Today I did a thorough cleaning on my ambilobe's cage. I took Kraken out and let him roam around on a playset/perch my parrot doesn't like or use. After I returned him to his cage, I fed him. He gobbled up the feeders right away.
Just a few minutes later I saw Kraken had white spots on him. I was alarmed. Then I realized that he was starting to shed. Now it's happening quickly. Kraken is beautiful with just his resting colors. I can't wait to see what's behind this shed.
Did I bring on his shed by removing him to clean his cage? I am positive he wasn't shedding before then. Is shedding related to stress? TIA

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Nothing like reviving a dead post but. I love the name. So when you took him out of his cage you Realeased the Kraken
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