[Brev] Is she gravid?


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is she gravid? It seems she is gravid in my point of view. What's your opinion?

two more questions.

1. Can the brev has eggs without mating (i.e. unfertilized eggs)? Not consider the case of retained sperm.

2. When do the brev mate in a day usually? In the morning or at night?



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She may be gravid ... a top down point of view would make it easier to tell.

Females can lay infertile eggs ... pretty sure without mating too.

I have only witnessed breeding a couple times and it was during the day.

Thanks Roo. How often the female lay inferitilzed eggs? usually? or rarely?

The only way to find out infertilized egg is waiting until the eggs collapse, isn't it?
From my experiences, rarely do they lay infertile eggs. Yes it will eventually mold/collapse ... they also tend to be smaller then a fertile egg and yellow in color.

Thx again. Also, I found that the eggs become bigger and grey in colour over time, are they the other indicators of fertilized eggs? Does it means if the eggs don't become bigger and bigger, they are infertilized eggs?

I really want to know, since my friend's brev eggs are smaller than mine, but they don't mold or collapse for several weeks incubation already. He is worring about whether the eggs are infertilized or not. Thanks
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