Brev Emerging!

FL Chams

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I just ordered 2 more wireless flashes so I can really light it up when I'm capturing this. I have around 30 or so Brev babies now and like 15 with their heads out of the eggs this morning. I'm really having a good time with all of these younglings. I have 7 species that I've hatched out in the past month. I bought

I have no idea when I'll have time to work on it. But thought it would be a neat concept.

Cool picture!! I love your pictures they are always awesome!

Wow its great that you go another website :D

Very cute! Congratulations. My babies are doing well. The crickets...not so good. They all go to the groove on the side of that container, then die. Do you put something on the bottom so they will spread out more? I bought some more fruit flies, so nobody's going hungry. :)

What a GREAT picture! Amazing detail for such small chameleons! The egg looks like it is made of fabric.


Good news. I just sold some last week. I think most people don't realize how hardy these are and what an interesting pet they are as well.

Thanks for the encouragement. LOL
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