Brev egg incubation temps?


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I know this has been a surprisingly popular topic lately... So my little brev laid eggs two weeks ago and I wasn't planning on digging them up but there was mold in the bottom layer of substrate so I had to tear it down today before it took over (I was a little overzealous trying to keep moisture conditions right for eggs...oops). Put in a fresh batch of springtails today with the new setup. I was super careful trying to sift out dirt without disturbing the eggs since I didn't know where she laid...but of course they're so tiny that I ended up rolling two of them before I even knew they were there! Even though I was being SO careful!

I'm getting vermiculite tomorrow (stupid home depot doesn't carry it) to incubate them separately and I've been searching old threads and have not been able to find a temperature range to aim for with incubation. I would assume low to mid 70s would be right since that is what their habitat should be? What have others had success with?

And do you think those two eggs have a chance after being rolled around some? Or are they more like turtle eggs and don't have a chance (at least in my experience)?
Looked in my Necas book (that I forgot I had) and it says no lower than 64 or higher than 77 for incubation temps. Staying more in the 75 degree range had a much quicker incubation time (40-50 days) than staying at lower temps like 65 (90+ days). For anyone needing that info...

But I'd still like to know people's experience with trying to hatch eggs that were disturbed after being laid. If they roll once are they done for? Doesn't have to be experience with brev eggs specifically.
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