Breeze effect


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Before the breeze:

After the breeze:

Taken through reptarium mesh. She never woke up. Breeze lasted 1 second.
I allways wondered why sometimes my Jackson's would get spots like that. I would have never guessed it was the wind :)
Breeze was artificial. Very slight wind produced with my mouth just barely enough to move a feather placed on table from 2-3 feet away. I can't really measure my air blow intensity but I think this is the next best I can elaborate.
The Breeze Effect - a cautionary (but humourous) tale

So curiosity got the better of me when I came home last night. I had gotten home late from work and the chams were already asleep. My 3-month old female veiled was sleeping on a perch close to the front of her cage.
I blew a very gentle breath of air through the screen mesh onto her...

Holy crap! She hit the 'eject' button! Dropped right off her branch onto the floor of her cage instantly.

Naturally I feared for her safety so i flung open the cage to check on her. She had landed perfectly: puffed up, legs splayed - lucky it wasn't a high drop.
But the minute she saw me at the door she jumped up and started lunging for me, big hisses, gaping mouth, puffed up body with black spots all over.
You've got to understand how comical this looks. She had changed almost instantly from a pretty, green, slumbering chameleon into a threatening dragon. But she's still absolutely pint-sized, so you have a 4inch chameleon trying to intimidate 5'8 human!
I backed away a bit from the door, and she tried to jump out the cage to get at me.

So I let her get onto my hand to prevent her from falling out the cage, and she turned her head and started trying to bite my fingers. I decided to let her bite a finger (an impromptu health check) - her jaws are pretty strong, but she's still too small to break the skin (unlike my adult male - I keep my fingers well clear of his mouth).

I put her back into the cage, but it still took ages for me to get her to settle back down. If I approached the cage, she tried to get at me through the mesh. And when I backed away, she started patrolling the entire cage for other intruders. Even after I turned off the lights in the room, I could still hear her crawling through the foliage. About an hour or so later I popped in to see her sleeping in a new spot, but still with a very grumpy look on her face...

She's definitely going to be a fiesty one when she grows up.
haha that is pretty funny, glad she's okay.

my male veiled doesn't like to be woken up either. The first time I heard him hiss and saw his colors was because I accidentally woke him up.
Tygerr.... that was hilarious. It's like they don't know they are little. How big is your male veiled. In particular, his mouth?

I love to see the wind on Fractal. He gets all wild in eye and posture and begins the swaying and goes into what I call the Madagascar shuffle. He also gets really colorful and sometimes the spots. So it has made me blow on him in his cage a couple of times and he looks at me like I'm crazy and moves away. lol NO bad breath jokes, please. I do it after eating worms and crickets.... NOT.
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