Breeding Werner's Chameleons?


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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a male & female pair of Werner's Chameleons (chameleo triceros werneri). I purchased them knowing that they were sexually mature, but unaware that the female might already be pregnant....In any case, I've notice that our little girl's appetite has been extremely voracious the past week or so, and she seems to like to bask more and more (and when we first got them, they both would be running all over the cage)—and her tummy seems to be noticeably bigger ).

I'm trying to figure out how obvious is it when this species becomes pregnant (are they blatantly distended, or is it just a subtle morphology change?), and are there any reliable signs that they are pregnant, aside from a swollen belly (behavior changes, etc.)? Also, I was wondering if anyone has any tips on the breeding/rearing of live-bearers and their offspring...any tips on neonate containers/habitats, etc?

=^_^= Eric
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