Breeding Veileds


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Well, after giving hornworms a try with my chameleons, I thought I'd try breeding them again. I've had no sucess as of yet. I would put her in his cage, and she'd have a hissy fit and chase him. I tried putting him in her cage, worse reaction. Well, today, after the hornworms, she was receptive! :D She first ignored him. He seemed nervous. They she casually walked up to him, and sat beneath his perch. Their eyes met. Then, she climbed below him on his perch, and he jumped her. :eek:

Now here's my question. How long do I leave them together to ensure she's been properly fertilized?
I moved her back to her enclosure after about 4 hrs and them coupling several times. However, she did not change to a dark color as I have read that she should do when inseminated. Am I going to need to put them back together? Or could he possibly be sterile? I've never mated these to yet. She's a proven breeder, he is not.
The female should turn dark....but if you saw them mate, you likely didn't leave them together long enough for her to turn dark. I usually leave mine together until the female either turns dark or until she starts to repel the male.

Once you separate them (she is no longer in the male's presence) she could lose the darkness. If you show her to the male (don't put her in his cage) she should turn dark again and be hissy.
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