Breeding Veiled Chameleons


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I have a 2 and a half year old male and a 2 year old female that i would like to attempt to breed. Any input on successful breeding would be greatly appreciated :)
I always take the female and hold her in front of the male's cage to see their reactions without them being able to get at each other.

If the female rocks back and forth, hisses, gapes, takes on a dark background color, inflates her body and her gular pouch, lunges at the male, etc. then I put the female back in her own cage....she is showing you that she is non-receptive/gravid.

If the male hisses, gapes, raises one hand up under his chin, brightens his colors, flattens his body vertically, inflates his gular pouch, coils and uncoils his tail then he is not recognizing that she is a receptive female....and as long as he continues to do this its not good to put them together.

If the female remains calm, shows lighter background colors, does not inflate her body, walks/moves slowly away from the male, etc. then I put the female in with the male as long as he is reacting properly...and I continue to watch them for a while to make sure things are going well.

If the male recognizes her as a receptive female he will still brighten his colors, but not show all the signs of aggression. He will move towards the female to mount her.

Once they have mated and the female starts rejecting the male (see non-receptive signs above) the female should be removed from his cage and put back in her own.

About 30 days after that the female should be ready to lay the eggs. However...sometimes they lay them earlier depending on where the female was in her cycle.

Hopefully you have had a place for the female to dig to show you when/if she needed to lay eggs in the past?? Its important to leave her a place at all times once she is sexually mature if you don't want to risk her becoming eggbound.
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