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Do sister and brother veiled chameleons mate together. Probaly a stupid question but I don't know. Thank you
I wasn't asking you where you live, but rather WHY you would want to inbreed when, with where you live, you have easy and many opportunities to acquire new bloodlines.

There are only a few situations where inbreeding should honestly be considered, and most of them would have to do with the lack of access to more bloodlines, or working with extrememly rare species that do not exist in captivity farther than the collection the person is working with.

For readers curiosity here is an article about inbreeding, and which ways do most and least amount of "Damage" to the offspring, there are several points mentioned in the article that pertain to chameleon inbreeding. Though I have a feeling that the reply from Bill Love somewhat hints at inbreeding snakes, and it makes sense since Bill's wife Cathy is pretty much the queen of cornsnakes.

Here is the article: "" (Last article on the page)
I bought my chameleons at the reptile expo from the same person and I am thinking they are brothers and sisters because of that. Im not to happy about that.
I bought my chameleons at the reptile expo from the same person and I am thinking they are brothers and sisters because of that. Im not to happy about that.

Did you ask the seller? Do you still have the seller's information so you can contact them and ask?
When buying pairs, you NEED to specify that you are intending to breed. You can't leave it to the seller to assume that, because most people buying chameleons from them won't have the time or funds to breed them.

By the way, this isn't a big forum and you dont need to cross post your questions in each section. Everyone here sees ALL the posts made in all the sections. This way youll get a better response sinse discussions will happen in the thread you started.
The seller also knew that I eventually wanted them to mate and everything but she never said anything. And I just thought about it know.
If your intention is to breed, and you only have space/enclosures for two at this time then you need to do whatever you need to do to have two unrelated animals.
Are you SURE you want to breed???
How much research have you done to learn the work and expense involved there?

Yeah I know what it takes and I have the time and everything to handle it. I want them to breed I just don't want them to be sister and brother. Im going to call the lady who I got them from and ask her if they are from the same clutch. Do you have any suggestions on what I should ask her?
That pretty much covers it.
You might ask if she has offspring from an unrelated pair that you could trade for if yours are siblings.
Hopefully she is trustworthy. If she only has the one clutch and tries to convince you that it's okay to breed them you might ask about their parents and definetely question her ethics.

I feel pretty relieved now. I called her it she said they were from different parents. She explained that she put one clutch in one and cage and the other and another tank. And I remember at the show that we picked one out of each cage. I feel better. Does he look healthy?
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