Breeding panthers QUESTIONS!!!!


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So I have many many many questions about breeding panthers....

How old should they be? male and female ages... I know atleast a year but will males normally not breed until about 2 years? because of sexual maturity?

What do the colors look like on the females when they want to breed?

Are there any ways to make guys more horny?(sorry for inappropriate word)

What seasons will they breed in?

Are temp changes and seasons needed to get them to breed?

Is it good to have them be able to see each other a little to get them in the mood or should they just be randomly introduced to each other?



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First off age, I personally will breed a male as soon as they show interest, this for me have been 10 months old at the earliest. As for females it is recommended to wait at least until they are a year old so they have size on them.

Receptive females usually show a pinkish color but it is not always the case. I have found the best way to see if the female is ready is when they change from their usual color and do not hiss at males if you introduce them.

the one way I have gotten males to want to breed more is to show them a male and get them fired up and then after show them a female, sometimes this stimulates breeding for males.

I have found breeding seasons vary as each female will produce eggs at different times but its best to come up with a season that fits you, I usually breed between april and december but will breed in the off season if a female is receptive

I might be wrong but I have found that keeping the same temps year round is fine.

I would put them in visible sight once or twice with a barrier between them to see how the react just to make sure there is no agression before breeding.

I hope all this info helps and good luck :)


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Do a search. You will easily find everything you have asked about. Not to be rude, but I think if you can't do a quick search to figure out these questions, then perhaps you should reconsider your dedication to breeding.
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