breeding goliath worms

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Zee, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Zee

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    Hey guys!

    New on the forum and atm no chameleons :( But will come later :D

    I wanted to know if anyone know how and have succeeded in breeding goliath worms?

    And what is the real name for those?

    I hope you guys can help me ;)
  2. Sancho

    Sancho New Member

    They are called Hornworms aka Tomato worm :) Some people here breed them but Silks are much easier to breed.
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  3. Zee

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    I woud like to hear about both then :cool:
  4. dodolah

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  5. CleaTheChameleon

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    I want to breed them to anyone got any pictures please of their setups
  6. naich

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  7. Zee

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    What a really useful comment... jeez...
  8. Malicious

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    Thats were I found the ManducaSextaProject link, If it's not on google it doesn't exist!:cool:

    The ManducaSextaProject site has a tutorial on setting up your own breeding and housing enclosures. Greatlake Hornworms, and Mulberry Farms carry eggs and chow, to get you going. I have 7 Cacoons at the momment waiting to hatch, I am still undecided on weather I want to breed this batch, as it means $$ and a fair amount time. I will however comment on the fact that they are easier then Silkworms in certain aspects. Example: They are not nearly as vulnerable to bacteria and germs like silkworms. I had 43 silkworm cacoons when I counted 2 days ago, and were probably up to 60 or so today. Rather then to bother with the horns, I am going to focus my time and efforts on the silks. There are still about 120-130 jumbos pacing their containers ready to change too. I plan to do some experimenting with these eggs, Frans has really got me wanting to try diapausing a fair amount of them. Frans.... can you save me some real estate in your fridge...??? No matter how much I rant and rave about the fact that its for science!! I don't know if anyone is going to be very keen on the 1000's of eggs near the cheese and butter....:eek::eek::D

    Good luck with your Horn project,
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  9. laurie

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    My husband bought me a small frig just for my "lizard" projects. Wan worms, silk worm chow, all the other in & outs. Said he couldn't eat with my animals!!!:(
  10. Zee

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  11. Digby Rigby

    Digby Rigby Member


    Silkworms which turn into silk moths are far easier to breed because they do not fly or feed.

    Hornworms which turn into hawkmoths need to feed. Not only that they feed from flowers like a hummingbird and actually hover over the flower to get the nectar. They have very long tongue parts so they need to be able to hover a certain distance over the flower.

    We have found based on curtomer needs that for the most part it is more feasable to buy hornworm eggs and dry chow and hatch out eggs. THe eggs hatch within a couple of days or so of receipt and you have worms that are smaller than what can be safely shipped.

    Because they can reach full growth from egg to 3-4 inch larva in 2 weeks or less waiting for eggs to hatch and grow isnt a problem.

    Digby Rigby

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