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Just wondering . is there a market for selling chameleons?

like to pet stores and such?

if i were to pick up a female cham . make Snipe sleep with her , and have some babies . how much could i get for them... (even if i couldn't, what's the market price around?)
well with my first clutch of baby veileds coming in a few months ive been wondering the came thing...

so ive actually talked to 3 reptile stores (not the petco or pets smarts) and they actually sell chameleons of all kinds but they dont sell for the price u would pay online. such as Vieleds they sell for 40$ and told be they would by them for me 15$ each... same with my Ambilobe panthers... from chameleonsonly you would buy one from them for 300 PLUS dollars... but the local pet stores only sell panthers for about 150$ each... they offered me about 50$ for each one..
Breeding chameleons and raising whole clutches requires a lot of responsibility. Also, consider the money you will spend on each baby before it can be sold; you could lose money. I recommend gaining more experience with multiple animals before attempting to breed chameleons.

Chameleon News: Business of breeding
Consider that you may need to put a couple thousand dollars (To do it correctly) into the supplies and chameleons, and you would see your first return come to you about a year after you first paired up your breeders. However, remember that to actually make money from doing it, you'll need to make those couple thousand dollars that you invested back, in addition to all the money you spent during the year you were first breeding, and the money spent of the chameleons that you raised and are selling.

Realistically, an actual net revenue, that is to say, you making a bit of money AFTER all your investments and costs of keeping the breeders and raising the babies were paid off, it would probably best be projected for in about the third year of the breeding project.

There are of course some short cuts to investing so much, but most of them can diminish the quality of what you will offer for sale, and in this day and age of our hobby, many buyers are becoming aware enough to know to buy chameleons from breeders that openly show that they take no short cuts.

Petstores also don't always pay cash to people coming to them selling reptiles, in fact many if not most, will only give you store credit towards Feeders and other reptiles they sell. For the sake of argument, we'll assume that you can find one that will pay cold hard cash.

Even if you are not selling to the public and only to petstores, consider that more and more buyers are being told that Pet stores are not worthy to keep chameleons (True, for the large majority) and now buyers are making purchases to either locale breeders or buying online from reputable companies posting on "classifieds" sites. If the petstores do not put more attention into their husbandry of the chameleons they are buying, then the negative feelings towards buying "Pet Store Chameleons" (as opposed to chameleons from Good private breeders/companies) will make buyers fewer and far between. Now, if the petstores still wants to buy them from you, they will be forced to pay less and less as they will have to keep the reptile in the store longer and longer before someone buys it, essentially eating away at the stores profit through dieoffs and feeding feeders that they also sell.

There are numerous other factors that makes it difficult for the Average Joe Chameleon Keeper to turn a profit from breeding. Like, not knowing the right contacts to buy supplies/feeders cheaper, etc.

Lastly, It would be an income for you. In most cases you'll have to report it on your taxes, which could cause you some trouble or at least confusion.


ALL this being said, I live in another country and our market is quite a bit different than the American Chameleon Market, so I may have said something that doesn't apply, or missed something that would be of affect in the USA.
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