Breeding crickets


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Im gonna be getting my first panther chameleon this weekend and im really excited. but any way i was thinking about breeding crickets but im not exactly sure how to go about doing it. can any one give me some advice and help? or is there a bettter easier insect to breed for my chameleon? thanks:D
Its really not worth the hassle, since you can buy 1000 for $20-40. They jump, smell, and make way to much noise (as adults). 1000 usually lasts me 4 to 8 weeks, with 4 chameleons chowing on them.

I buy Crickets from Ghann's and breed Dubias as my 2 main food items. Just started a Red Racer colony too :). I breed Dubias cause they are easy to breed have next to no smell and my chameleons love them.
oh right on! thanks for letting me know, how do you go about breeding Dubias though? is the prosses pretty similar to breeding crickets?
No it is MUCH easier to breed dubias than crickets. Your colony will do everything. You just provide food, water source, heat and egg crates. They have live births. So no inubating, or dealing with dirt. Nothing at all. Just watch it happen.
Forget about crickets. It is not worth all that work.
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