Breeders in San Diego?

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I've been browsing the forum for a while, but this is my first post.

I've had a veiled in the past which came from a very reputable local pet store, and although he appeared really well when I bought him (~2 months old) he battled with a lot of health issues for a long time. The whole ordeal made me realize how right people are in recommending that you get a quality CB chameleon from a breeder.

I'm looking for a breeder with experience that is in San Diego (or even LA). I don't want to ship an animal if I can avoid it, and I'm having trouble finding someone who I can deal with directly.

Does anyone have any info that might help me out?
Are you still looking for another veiled or something else? I'm in SD and I may have something rare for sale in a month or so, otherwise Kammerflage Kreations up in Riverside Co. is about as good as breeders come. Try

Sorry to hear about the veiled. Sometimes it just happens when they're really young like that and it's impossible to tell what happened, sometimes the care of the shop they spend time at could have an impact. I'm curious where you bought him if you wouldn't mind pming me or posting it as I have a pretty good idea.
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There's a Reptile Show in San Diego I believe the end of June. I know Blue Beast Reptile will be there. Tyler has awesome Veileds for good prices. I would meet up with him at the show and get a veiled that you see before hand. You can pick through a bunch of them for exactly what you want.

Good Luck!
Oh yeah, I heard about that show. I know it's at the Scottish Rite Center but not much else. Do you know who the promoter is? Do they have a website?
Thanks for the info, guys.

Hairfarm, I was thinking of another Veiled, but after some thought I may end up with a panther. I'm planning on going to the Pomona show the 19th-20th, and I'll be sure to check out Kammerflage Kreations. The young veiled was bought at PK by the Sports Arena, by the way.

I'll be stopping by the June Show, as well. Looks like a lot of fun.

The link to the SD show in June is

I'm sponsoring the show (I should be relatively front and centered), and I expect Amazing Blue and Kammers to be there also if you're looking for a chameleon. The site hasn't been updated with a vendor list, but should be within a week as the other vendors start finalizing. It's a new show, but I have high expectations.
That was not the correct link at all... D'oh... My bad :p I was looking at that other link when I posted in here. lol....
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