Breeders-How did you get into this?


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This entire Chameleon thing has caught me quite by suprise. I am just so interested in this little Veiled and Chameleons in general. I am not new to animals or even reptiles, but this is a mild obsession. My question is for all of you medium sized chameleon breeders-How did you get started? Did you get a pet and then aquired more animals and started breeding? Did you build on to your houses to accomodate all of the cages? Is it hard to let go of the little creatures that you work so hard to breed and then get to a sellable age?
Do you make enough to recoup expenses?-I can see that this is not a cheap hobby. I am not interested in becoming a breeder anytime soon, but rather am enjoying all of the information and stories that are shared on this forum. I also find it wonderful how much so many of the people care and respect these animals and the genuine interest for their well being. I did get to meet Mike of FL Chams where I got my Veiled from and I was very impressed with his show set up at the Tampa show and the quality of his Chameleons. Very professional set up and he has always been great about answering my questions. He has certainly hooked a repeat customer.
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