Breeder in Houston, Texas?

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just curious of anyone knows if there are any breeders in houston, texas or any reptile stores that sells chameleons besides petco or petsmart, i dont support their animals because they do such a poor job. any comments or advice would be nice, thanks

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Chameleons on Houston

I just bought a baby veiled last week from:

Char's Reptile Store
3800 Garrott Street

They are in the Montrose area and very nice. They had veiled and panthers last week. I also have the personal phone number of a panther breeder here in Houston but not sure if he would want me making his number available to everyone on the web. I can email it to you though. By friend is getting a panther from him in the next couple of weeks.
I have been there also. I do find S and S Exotics to be cheaper BUT I do not know anything about quality of where they come from. They do have a clean place with many exotics. They MAY deal with mill breeders which I know to be true of the Sugar Gliders.

There is a place called Pets-A-Plenty on Highway 6 just south of the new tollway (well, its new since I lived there). Its been a number of years since I lived in Houston but I used to there all the time and know the owner, Eric. He has some nice herps usually. Its probably closer to you then Char's. If you're in Katy, you just need to go through the Reservoir up Fry Rd toward West Oaks Mall.

I live in the Heights but used to live in Old Town Katy, near where the mall is now. Went to Katy High School. I've got friends that still live off Fry Road. Man that area has changed. Let me know if you want the number of the breeder in Houston.
yea i know about Pets-A-Plenty, ive been there a few times, its ok, but i know this is rude but i kind of dont like them. they ripped me off on this cage i know they did but i needed a cage, it was used and they sold it to me for 40bucks. i could have gotten it new for 40 as well, but it was there and it came with a few things. he claimed that the cage was 90 when i know it was 40. thats 50 bucsks difference. i know this is rude but i just dont like that, and i dont really want to do business with them again. it is a nice place i will admit. im sure eric is a nice guy and he is just trying to make some money, but i just dont like being lied to
Flux - I went to Taylor High School for a couple years before finishing up in Europe. Katy has really changed since I lived there. My folks live inside the loop now so I get back occasionally and the differences are incredible.

John - Well, retail stores like that are always going to be significantly more expensive then if you bought the product online from a place like LLL Reptile so the cage may not have been too unreasonably priced if it had been new but I don't know what cage it was, where they bought it from, etc. I just know that I grew up in the reptile industry through that shop identifying all their chameleons that came in, met all the curators for the Houston Zoo there (and later other curators via those contacts) and always try to give any Houston business I can to them, even if they are a little more expensive then other places. They're good people, IMO, and I still go in and visit three or four times a year when I'm in town.

Good luck finding a good local breeder.

i just read a review that someone wrote about this store and they said that roaches are crawling on the walls and that the staff knows nothing about their animals, is this true?
I have been there several times. It is very clean. It was impressive to me compared to other pet stores including Char's. I have never been to Pets A Plenty to compare. But my six year old needed to go to the bathroom a couple of times while visiting. You would think the roaches would be in there. Hahaha! I have spoken to several employees on various visits. Some know more than others. However one lady commented to me well I know more about one particular group of exotics and got me the person who could help me with my inquiry. I know some people have other ideas of dietary needs and such for particular exotics than perhaps a particular store. I find they know more than most pet stores I have been to. I do not know the circumstances of that reviewer but I have been there SEVERAL times. What I don't like is that they deal with a sugarglider mill that I know of. They obtain in bulk and sell to other POSSIBLY irresponsible pet stores. Let's face it most of the stores are in it for the buck. It IS definitely a pet store with variety as you can see from the website. They also have a vet visit once a month that is available to the public as well. Could you link that review?
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Yes I would agree the Coatimundi was in a small cage certainly not meant for permanent housing. I do not know if it has larger housing elsewhere for after hours. The person mentions "girl". It sounds like a helper which they have for general purposes. I know of a man there who was efficient on the handling of my Macaws while the vet trimmed wings and beak. I've seen other places have to restrain them in a harness for that purpose. The man I dealt with SEEMED knowledgeable about a number of the reptiles as well. He set up my aquarium for my Pacman frog which was nicely done. He was very personable the times I dealt with him. Unless Houston has some really nice pet stores that I haven't seen. This one far impressed me from my experiences of Louisiana and Houston. I believe most pet stores are in it for the money. I'm sure the owner there is as well but I have had the sales persons advise accordingly without significantly allowing others to hear. Practical business I suppose. There are a number of workers on various days so who knows. I have seen schedules on the wall on how to rotate the animal care. Dunno, but I do think EVERYONE should ALWAYS research for themselves ESPECIALLY when it comes to exotics. Call ahead to make sure they have what you are looking for. I hope the trip is worth it to you.
yea i dont think im going to buy anything, maybe something small, but not an animal. im just going to look at their chameleons and ask when they will get some veileds and how much they cost. thanks for telling me about this place!
ill repost after my visit, thanks again
hey man i live in college station and ive been looking for a breeder for awhile now, could you help me out with whoever you go yours from? if thats alright with him of course.
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