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I know we are suppose to do a search to find previous threads about the information we are seeking and i did this and I have seen conflicting suggestions. I wanted to add some branches to the cage and since we just had a ice storm I thought what a perfect time to go collect some fallen branches. A few are smaller and will fit in my oven but the majority of them are far too large to fit in the oven so I was wondering what is the best way to sterizle or clean these. I have heard bleach is not safe but I am unsure how reliable this information is. I was wondering if teetree oil would work. I am unsure of the type of branches these are as it is winter and there are no leaves on them. I have a feeling they might be maple. Some of the larger ones have mold on them so I assume I must clean this off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does the bark have to be remove or is it ok to leave it on? Thanx.
Soap and water work best. You can stick them in the oven but with the branches you are talking about collecting it is not neccessary. Fallen branches in winter months are already dried out.

Look for branches that have some good texture to the bark. To smooth and your chameleon will not be able to get a grip. If there is any loose bark on the branch I would peel it up and look for fungus growth (or possible other nasty stuff underneath). If you want to take off the bark completely you can. I would do a quick once over with some very rough grit sand paper to give it some grooves for grasping if you do.
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