Bradypodion transvaalense F1 Generation growing and growing !


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I've had some free time today so I thought I can post some pics of some of Br.transvaalense juveniles. They are growing and growing and the males develop the beautiful typical coloration

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Benny, if I didn't love you I would hate you for all your wonderful chameleons. Those guys are wonderful.

What is the husbandry protocol for these guys? I really wanted to buy a few from Jared but to be honest I was a little intimidated.
To be honest, transvaalense are together with setaroi the easiest Bradypodions. Damaranum are for example way more problematic. I keep my Bradypodions in special chameleon glass terrariums with big screen parts. If possible I keep all my adult animals seperated but it's in general no problem if you keep them together.
Transvaalense are very good eaters, they eat everything (just dubias are not liked). I spray the cages between 2-4 times per day, depends on how long I'm at home. For the light I use fluroescent tubes in combination with 25 watt spots.
If the animals can warm up in the early morning hours they can be housed outside even here in Germany for 5-6 months, they are very tolerant regarding night temps (wheather they are very low or very high)
Hi Benny,
Your chams are spectacular! I just picked up a pair from Jared & I am impressed. Their colors change so fast & so many variations. Can you say how old are the ones in the pics are & if you know their life expectancy ?
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