Brad, where's the Ezhno pics?!


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Hey Brad,

When are we going to get some updated pics of Ezhno?! I'm dying to see what that guy looks like, you haven't updated for a couple of months. Hope we'll get to see your gorgeous guy soon, I wanna see if he looks anything like my Ambanja Be (Ambanja/Nosy Be cross) :D They are from the same bloodlines.
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It has been a long time since I posted a pic of Ezhno. The reason is I don't have access to the camera I was previously using. I have been meaning to purchase a new camera; I just need an hour or two to do some final research. I have taken a few pics with my phone, but the quality was too poor. Looking at the pictures of his relatives below, his normal coloring is very similar to his father (far left). The blue bars can change from a light baby blue to a very attractive navy blue. He sometimes shows a more solid blue color, similar to the second picture but the bars are less noticeable. There are some oranges that come out sometimes, mostly when he is outdoors. I suspect that if I had another chameleon or used a mirror he might show some similar oranges to his relatives.

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