boy or girl?


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My 'female' 8/9 mth old yemen chameleon did something really weird today. We showed her the mirror out of curiosity to see what she would do and she turned really bright greens and yellows, brighter than I have ever seen her go before particularly on her head. She then started rubbing herself up and down my arm. I have seen other posts off people being humped/abused whatever you want to call it by their male chameleons so now I am left thinking maybe she is he?

Also getting concerned that on the occasions when we let her wander around out of the cage she is really really bright but then turns to a dull green colour with orange/rusty coloured stripes when back in the cage. She is happy enough eating/drinking/active but I know dull colours indicate stress. We have an older male yemen (about 1 and a half) in a seperate cage obviously (they can't see each other) he is always really bright and content. . I have uploaded a pic to show her colours when in the cage and the cage set up. Both chameleons are misted 2-3 times a day fed gut loaded and calcium dusted/vitamin dusted locusts and occasionally meal worms, handled every day happily. Any suggestions appreciated.

the male is the one on the right.


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does "she" have tarsal spurs on the back of her heels like your male? Compare their feet. If so, you have a male. "Her" coloring looks like a male also to me.
It's a boy. Usually female veileds don't have that high of a casque and usually they don't have all those patterns on their body.
to me its a male..just need to see the spurs..but i agree about the casque..its very big ( for female its huge)
here is a better picture. Always been unsure because our males spurs are huge compared to 'hers'


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