Bought this new little guy ❤️


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Meet Randall! Male piebald veiled chameleon 3-4 months old, he’s settling in nicely and likes to sleep and hang out on this leaf in the corner of his terrarium! He’s nervous and a little stressed in his environment but he is adjusting well and getting used to me being around. Eating lots of crickets daily and making his way around the terrarium. I love him already!
Haha he has the same name as one of my guys! Btw is he sleeping in that picture? It is not a good sign to see a chameleon sleeping during the day.
Ah ok good to know! But there seems to be a lot of light in the picture, that is what led me to believe it was during the day, unless it is your flash?


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We turned on the light in the room and snapped a quick pic but also his lights go off at 7pm in the evening and on at 7am because my work schedule is best accommodating to that. But he is very adjusted to the time already 🥰


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He is! My friend had one growing up and I’ve always wanted one I got him last week. Thank you, he is gorgeous. Randall has a black marking on his crown and foot as well as a little freckle on the end of his nose
Aw! You will want more of them soon! I started off with one and now I have 2. My mom hates me so much. This is my randall!!


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