bought a new cham today


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i bought a new cham today and a new enclosure i had not found my other chameleon that had gotten out so i went and got this guy he is allot more agressive but im sure he will calm down eventually


heres the enclosure it has a screen top and a vent in the front i also hung a backround on the side so there is no reflection

looks good about the other one though hope he's not dead and that he turns up sometime soon
It appears to be a bruise- quite common for imported chameleons as they are snatched off their tree and manhandled to the other side of the globe.
Just a thought on your lost cham, I found my male brevicaudatus a week after he escaped. He was very dehydrated and very hungry but he recovered and is now out of quaratine and back with his 3 females.

I see you have a substrate in your cage. I never use substrates for arboreal chameleons...that way there is no chance of one causing an impaction.

Just my way of doing things.....
I agree with Kinyonga.
Remove the substrate or replace it with fine, organic (no fertilizer or pesticide), sifted soil.
I am having a hard time spotting your UVB light. There is one ... right?
Watch temps in that exo-terra enclosure...with the basking light it can get quite warm in there.

Is that cup in the middle of the enclosure a feedingcup? If it is I think you should replace it with a nontransparant one. Your cham can injury his tounge if he shoots from the wrong position.
yes there is a basking light i use a reptisun 10.0 bulb then i have a regular 75 wat bulb for basking isnt the substrate fine? i use a feeding cup so he dosnt get dirt in his mouth
about the cup it's the fact that it's transparent could fool the chameleon into thinking there is nothing in the way of the bug which could result in him shooting at the glass and possibly hurting his tongue, try to use a colored(non see through) one.

and as mentionned with the glass terrarium the heat could build up pretty fast in there, now I don't know what flap necks need in terms of heat but your light seems pretty close for a 75 hot does it get right under the light?
i have a airconditioner in my room so my room is a constant 60 degrees but in tyhe terrearium its 75-78 and under the lkight its anywhere from 80-85 is this ok?
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