'Bootleg Meg-Rays!!!' - Be Alert

I just wanted to pass this message along for Bob Macarger of ReptileUV.com. I don't have any affiliation with Bob (don't even have any of his products, even though they look great). Bob had posted this message on the UVB Meter Owners Yahoo Groups bulletin board.

I don't know how many people here use Mega Ray products, but just keep in mind where you are getting them before considering them as a legitimate Mega Ray lamp.

Bob MacCargar (on Yahoo UVB group board) said:
I have not as yet had the time to fill in the gaps in the ReptileUV
production of new Meg-Rays. In the mean time, we have continuing reports of
Zoos, retail pet stores in both Canada and the US receiving bootleg Mega-Ray
bulbs!!. Please spread the word, that any of our legally trademarked
Mega-Ray bulbs that were not sold directly from us or an authorized
distributor (this does NOT include Westron as they have NOT been authorized
to sell our bulbs!), or by our sister company in the UK (Mega-Ray UK), are
not our bulbs!! And are most likely dangerous or useless.

I will do my best to inform the public over the next couple of days of what
has been happening over the last few months, but the good news is that we
have been negotiating about partnering with a German company that is willing
to tweak their products to meet out standards. We also have had very good
success with other factories that have manufactured our new bulbs to my
standards and both Mega-Ray UK and ReptileUV in the USA now have thousands
of bulbs, both mercury vapour and metal halide, working over animals to our
retail clients to great compliments. Dr Baines has tested our proto types
but won't comment (I believe) until we can produce "production" samples. The
preliminary results are excellent on our new line and predict that further
testing of new samples will only have a higher mark of excellence that we
have been internationally known for!!

We want to thank our clients for their loyalty and patience as we have
always been known to put the health, welfare, and safety of the animals we
have been entrusted to protect and care for above any profit that can be
made( even our competitors have had to admit this). It's been a tough and
deep cost to us, but the self respect and the respect of others and the
happiness of their animals have well been worth it.

Please spread this information as we do not want to see any more animals
injured at the price of profit and illegal activity.

Best Regards,

Wait so the boot legs are Meg Ray or Mega Ray? It's a little confusing...
Since I can not edit the title..... it is 'mega-ray'. I had copied the title from the original post by Bob.... I guess I should have read it more closely before posting. :eek:


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Mega-Rays are great MVB's. Enraging that someone would counterfeit those, but it doesn't surprise me. I've had customers bring in counterfeit Frontline flea killer several times this year. I suppose if you have a successful product, it's only a matter of time before some crook makes a buck at your expense.
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