Blue on Vieled?


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So I came home from school and noticed Eva had a bit of blue under her chin. She was at the bottom if the cage. My cricket keeper is a 10 gallon aquarium and its right next to her enclosure. I think she was looking at the crickets frm her cage. But there is blue on her chin, is this normal?



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She could be gravid looking for a spot to lay eggs. They show Blue " Robbin egg " colors when gravid. How old is she and does she have a laying bin?


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it is hard to tell anything really from the pic, but at 7 months she can certainly lay eggs, so definitely get a laying bin in there for her.


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I would go ahead and read up on laying bins and stuff. I've read about the robin blue colors too, maybe she is beginning to be ready to lay the infertile eggs.


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thats cool! yeah Just make sure you dont use soil, they cant eat soil! I think i read that sand is good? read up on the posts on them, I dont want to see your beuaitful Cham get ill over a tupawear container! Hehe our Chams would make sexy babies ;)
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