Blackish eye?

Sorry but I cant recall having paid that much attention when mine were that big.
I expect the skin is thinner/more translucent in that area and blood vessels are showing through giving that shadow effect.
Im afraid I cant really offer much assurance. Somebody with a baby might take a close look and see if theirs appears the same. :)
Thanks for at least looking. I suspect you are right, but I am a worry wort, esp about my pets, their like my kids.
Understood. :)
I did just go have good look at my female (6 months), made her look all over, and though her skin is more darkly pigmented there now, there is still a hint of the same effect, the further you go into the socket, so I suspect its normal.
They do seem incredibly fragile so young dont they.
Cheers :)
Yay! No more worries. I figured it was just cuz he had turned his out so much to look at something and that it was just coloring or something. But better safe than sorry.
He is my first one and all. And now, now i am addicted. this is bad. my husband was already unhappy wiht me for bringing him home. I can't have anymore. Lol. Well, if in a few years a female happened to show up, I doubt .he would notice too much, since he isn't very intersted in him now anyway.
ALso, he won't be interested when he grows into all of his colors cuz he's color blind and cant see what any of the colors would be anyway! :p
Im sure once Hubby see's how much pleasure your cham brings you, he will take an interest if only for you. Who knows, maybe the little guy will grow on him. :)
Jo- I hope so. He thinks we have enough animals. but, i dont think we can ever have to many.

Ataraxia- thank goodness. Glad your babies look the same.
He's even cuter when hes sleeping. He rests his head on his leaf or stickand curls his tail all the way up under his back legs. Once or twice he even tilted his head to the side like laying on a pillow. SO freaking cute it almost breaks your heart with sunshine and fluffy chams. lol
Well fluffy sounded better than scaley. and hes so super soft right now, so its sorta fluffy. LOL. I am so excited to see what he will look like when he grows up. Maybe if hes a good boy he can have a girlfriend....
OMG super cute!!! my husband never had pets growing up, and now we have over 20 different kind! he tried to not be interested, but he is just as addicted to the babies as i am!! good luck with your new baby!!
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