Black or brown crickets?


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On finding a livefood supplier, they offer brown and black crickets.
What's the difference between them? Which are the best to feed??

Also the sizing of the crickets isn't stated just 2nd instar small, 3rd instar medium etc

What would I need for feeding a juvenille? (1/4" crix)

My rule for feeding is nothing they can't fit in their mouth in 1 bite or is longer than the mouth is wide.

From what I understand the black crickets get a bit bigger than the browns and have pretty much the same nutritional factors as browns.

What kind of chameleon do you have and how long is it (Snout to Vent) ?

I have a young male veiled and much prefer the browns crix to the blacks. The blacks grown much bigger and are a lot more vicious. They also make an awful racket so dont keep them near where anyone sleeps ;)
I'm such a divvy!!!

When you click on the livefood itself, it tells you more about them :eek:

Big and meaty, ideal for the larger lizard. Only buy what you will feed in one week unless you intend to transfer them to a larger container as they do not last as well in cricket tubs as the brown crickets.

Slightly more active than the black crickets but not so noisy and last better if kept in the tubs.
Generally the brown crickets we send will be Acheta domestica for all crickets up to standard size and Gryllus assimilis for standard and Extra large size. This is because the Acheta domestica (AKA Brown house crickets) do not chirp until they reach adult size but are more cost effective to produce and the Gryllus assimilis (AKA Silent field crickets) have an almost inaudible chirp as adults.

I think I'll go for the brown ones as I used to feed the black ones to my beardie when I had him and they freaked me out....ugly stinking little beasts!!!LOL
Just a question on supplements.

When I get my cham it will hopefully be juvenille male blue ambilobe panther.

I want to know what are the best brands of supplements to use in the UK and how often should I supplement his food (as well as gutloading)
Some advice is calcium every day 6 days a week then nutrobal once a week.

others say calcium a couple of times a week etc...etc...

I'm a beginner as you know so want to give my cham the best start in life :D

Thanks in advance
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