black lines around mouth and on body ( could be dirt but unsure)


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I have a 4 month old male chameleon I got 3 days ago I've been keeping an close eye on him feeding him regularly and misting his cage every few hours so it isn't too hot in there. I noticed there are black lines around his mouth and on his stomach. I'm unsure if it a sign of the UV burning him or if it is just dirt from the soil from the bottom of his cage. I moved the light so it isn't to close to his cage anymore but it still close enough so he can feel the heat thinking that it might actually help stop the burns if it is burning him I haven't gotten him a double dome light since I just ordered it yesterday so I am just working with the single dome light with a normal UV light. I do have a night light and a red basking light for him just I do not know when I should change them out so he has some type of night time or more warmth if he needs it. I have three questions will having the light farther from the cage help with him not getting burned? How do I cure possible burns that are already on him? And when should I be changing the lights till my double dome light comes in the mail. It should be about a week or two till they come in. Any answers would greatly be appreciated this is also the first chameleon I have ever had so I'm new at this. Thank you for your time. My chameleon's name is Tommy.


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Welcome! The stuff on your chameleon’s mouth looks to be dirt. Could you circle the other parts of his body you are concerned have burns, please? I can’t see too well. There are also husbandry changes that need to be made, as well, so if you could fill out this form in as much detail possible, including more pics of your chameleon, his full enclosure (lights to bottom of the enclosure), and his lights by themselves, that‘d be great! Also, is your enclosure bioactive or is there just plain dirt in it? Sorry if this overwhelms you, I don’t mean for it to!

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