black light for incubator?


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My veiled just laid her first clutch(my first breeding of any lizard aswell). I was wondering if I could use a black light to incubate the eggs. She just laid last night finally(2 weeks late but all the eggs look healthy), and I just finished digging them up and marking what side is up. I'm trying to build a home made incubator but need a bit of help lol. I was thinking of leaving them on the sand/coco fibre mix and putting them in a small styro and covering them in a container within the styro so the light doesnt get to them from the black light. Any input would be appreciated.
My home-made incubator consists of a human heating pad (the kind with 3 settings that don't shut off automatically and not come back on). I built a wooden frame of 2" x 2" wood to fit over the heating pad and screened the top of the frame so I could set the containers of eggs on top of that. The frame can be raised to get the temperature right by using shims. I put the whole setup in a dark place.

I have hatched loads of chameleons, coneheads, water dragons, turtles, lots of different geckos, etc. using this setup.

Hope it helps!
So I'm using a glass 10 gallon with a heat cable and the black light on one end but not shining on the eggs....should I have them covered in substrate or just half buried in the container? They're currently half buried...also I've heard that the eggs can be incubated at slightly lower temps. I'm currently running it at 79 high and down to 68 at night. Is this an exceptable range or should I get the temperature up to the lower 80's? I ended up accidentally breeding her before I knew enough to keep them in individual enclosures(I have a lot less experience with reptiles then I do with say fish or arachnids). This was a big clutch for what I would think is a young female also. I estimate her to be around a year old now and she ended up laying 33 eggs.
I don't bury mine at all...I make depressions in the vermiculite with my thumb and place an egg in each depression....but half buried should be fine.

So you have lids on the containers?

Mid 70's should be good for the temperature...dropping at night is fine too...but I only drop mine to about 72F.
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