Black dots on Veiled Chams head


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Hi there, today my veiled is shedding on his head but I noticed these little black spots, they are black scales on his head that have been there a few hours since I got home and I've never seen that before on him so it got me a bit worried. Has anyone seen a Cham like this before? Ever since my female got a burn on her I'm so scared they are going to get burned so anything out of the ordinary freaks me out a bit! Thanks for your help, I'm just trying to make sure my Chams are well taken care of :)



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my veiled got those spots as his colors where coming in at about 6 months how old is your guy?? I wouldn't worry to much about them here is a pic of my guy with very similar spots



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I see your guy is shedding. My male veiled gets the black spots too when he sheds and they come and go for a day or two during and after his sheds. then they go away.. I doubt its anything to worry about.


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I have seen alot of black markings on the casques. I don't think it is anything to worry about either.

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The others are right - he's just getting his big boy colours! Here's a pic of my Tommy's head - you can see all the areas that will eventually go dark on your guy too!



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yeppers you are A OK
heres a recent shot of my guy with some spots

good careing eye tho!!
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