Of coarse!! Hehe. Most of the time when they fire up, and gape mouth open at you, they're just doing it to show you how big and bad they are. Most of the time they have no desire to bite you even when they're doing this. However, sometimes if they're is a bad enough mood, theyll bite you no questions asked. Even when they do though it really doesn't hurt to bad. Usually its just a bit of preassure and thats it. I've only had a cham break skin twice on me. And it was the same Veiled both times.

Even when they're mouths are open, most of the time you can even put your finger in their mouth and they still wont bite down. When they do its just a warning bite. They put a little preassure on you, let go right away, then try to escape.

P.S. Just for the record, I dont recommend getting your cham pissed off just to see if it will bite you. I may have done it a couple times while I was learning their personalities, but that doesn't mean I condone it. Chams like to be left alone, and getting them all riled up just stresses them out and should be avoided.
Hilarious - thanks for that!!!:D I was just curious. I know my Tarzan can get grumpy enough that he hisses and lunges, but he's never actually bitten me. Thanks for the info.

My cham has bitten me more than once now. All except for one of the times was when he was sick and I was force feeding him and medicating him. He didn't care for it much, and it was a bit tricky to shove a worm into the back of his mouth before he tried to bit me. Most of the time, I got my fingers out of the way.. but sometimes he got me. It hurts, but it is not.. horrid. I got pecked by a turkey tom once and it hurt alot more!

LOL.... seems it's almost always a veiled that bites. I was bitten once by a very sick Ankaramy panther chameleon that I rescued. He was in pain, had mouth rot, and I was tryin to give him his medicine. It broke skin, but not bad. I did go get a tentanus shot however, since he had mouth rot, as well as other diseases! Poor thing was so bad he died a few days later. I wanted to choke the owner he came from :mad: .

But, anyway.... NONE of my panthers have bitten me. At the most, they have given me warnings by gaping their mouth and turning towards my hand, but have never actually taken that bite. They warn and then turn their head back forwards while keeping their eyes on me lol.

Going slow towards them is the key to prevent biting. Fast movements or unexpected ones scare them.
Hermie bites 90% of the time that I take him out of his cage. I'm not sure why he is such a grumpy man (he is a veiled). My female veiled that I had never ever bit me, and I was quite surprised by his behavior. It doesn't matter how slow you go or how long you wait with him, he will almost always bite you -- multiple times. Once he gets it out of his system he's fine, and is no problem. It kind of pinches but not too bad.

My vet did warm me of the "wall factor." She's seen it happen before -- they bite and it surprises people who react without thinking by yanking their hand back and in the process fling the animal across the room. So be careful.
Awww poor Ankaramy Jenna, sorry to hear he didn't make it:(

I have been bitten just the once and it was a bite from my late female Flap-neck. She was wild caught and only bit me the once in the two and a half years I kept her for. It didn't hurt me, just shocked me that she had bitten.
Yeah, I actually cried lol... I am such a softy. And he was only in my care for 3 days. He was past help it seems :( . He's the only panther I've had in my care that has lost their life.... I've been lucky so far :) .
Thats quite an impressive resume you've got going for you there Jenna. I wish I could say the same. I've lost my share over the years due to various problems. It sucks every time.
Yes, I have been blessed with them. However, I do have to note that I am with my panthers 24 hours a day, it's my only job, and I am able to give a lot more attention than perhaps most can due to school, jobs, etc. This enables me to see problems right away and give the necessary treatment immediately.

There will come a time however, I will lose some.... it's life and nature. Especially breeding females who have a less life expectancy. :(

But so far, all my chameleons are happy, healthy, and given lots of attention by me :).
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