Big enough for pygmies?

Brad Ramsey

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I have a 2 and 1/2 gallon aquarium sitting around and I was thinking about setting it up for a pair of brevs or brookesia or ???
Is this size even viable?
Your thoughts on this are appreciated.

A tank that small will work for growing neonates, but not for an adult. If you decide to get into the leaf chameleons, hold onto it.. you will eventually need it for offspring. When choosing a good tank for leafs, think tall. Most species like to climb. A 20 or 30 gallon tall tank will house a trio quite well.

I use 2.5G for neonates and qurantine but that's it. Its not big enough for adults - not even one. However a small species of brookesia might be ok, but I personally wouldnt do that unless it was B. minima or something like that.

I really dont even care for 10g tanks that much anymore - the norm for me for an average sized group is a 29G.

Thanks guys.
I suspected as much.
Don't know if I will leap into these guys anytime soon but thought I'd toss out the small tank question and see what people thought.
A lot more research is required on my part (obviously) before jumping in.

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