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Thought it would be relevant. But beware of the surf an turf breeder. They ship sick female panther chameleons. Then when you confront them they dont respond. 2000 in vet bills. An still didn't get what I purchased a male panther chameleon Sambava.
Just wanted people to be aware of the scam with this type of chameleon.
Can't even find two I purchased a good home. I don't have laying bins an don't know how to care for these females with egg laying without being sexed.
Wanted to send them back for a refund but company denied this. Its some strange guy that lies Saya he's been doing this for 10 years. But how does someone not know know to sex a chameleon. After 10 years when they were juvenile. Hope this helps others down the road. I'm in so much over this an can't figure it out.


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I'm sorry that's really a bummer. There's tons of great people on here who can help you with females. I'm sure you can get the hang of it.
Seems like you're great owner, hang in there. ♡
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Hi and welcome. I’m sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience. However, I’d be more than happy to help you care properly for your ladies. While not as colorful as the males, females do have a beauty all their own. How old are your girls? Can you post pics of them?


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First and foremost this website is for information and help with chameleons; not defamation of character. Typically we would let sleeping dogs lie, but for the benefit of our readers; we are letting them know that sellers can also be taken advantage of, and we believe that any potential viewers deserve to hear our side of the story.
Since this customer has kept our chameleons and contested the payment on his credit card (which is his right as a consumer; as it is with anyone who buys from us) We are currently without $475 and two chameleons(possibly female). These chameleons have Kammerflage-Sambava bloodlines with very strong and beautiful genetics; as was explained to the customer on the phone. What was also explained; is that these particular Sambavas are very difficult to sex. This is because their colors tend to show later in development. This is why the customer was shown multiple pictures of the tail and was informed of this matter multiple times.
A refund was offered a month and a half after these chameleons (with impeccable bloodlines) were bought for only $475 (which is a fraction of the price of a chameleon with their genetics. Roughly 50% cheaper.)
It should be noted that we only guarantee our chameleons for 3 days but we are reasonable and will work with anyone who has a problem.
It should also be noted that these chameleons were later found to be sick. We informed the customer that a bioactive tank with live plants can be very beneficial to a chameleons health but can also be an easy access point for worms to get into their pet.
Anyone who buys a chameleon from us will be getting one that was raised in a sterile enclosure; without any environmental factors inhibiting their health. Because of this; the tank needs to be very clean when the baby is introduced to a new and potentially harmful environment which is not only stressful, but can take time for the body to adjust to; especially in a bioactive setup with living organisms present. We take the same painstaking measures with our customers that we do with our chameleons.
Since this message is for anyone that may have read this and not this particular customer, it will be the only response to this post.

A personal note “Your dissatisfaction has been heard loud and clear. No need to respond or send threatening messages at 3 in the morning since you have been blocked from my personal cell phone that I made the mistake of giving to you. This will be the last message or response you will receive as I can not spend any more time or money on this issue. You may keep the chameleons as a fee for this hard lesson I have learned, and I will trust my better judgment next time, and not sell to buyers that I feel uncomfortable selling to.”

-Turf Monahan

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