Best way to trap and breed house flys?


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I've tryed to trap house flys before but, no success. :mad: this made me mad and disscouraged. i read up on how to do it. they made it look so easy. IT'S NOT! with summer coming this will be a great time to perfect my technique. the few i did get my chams seem to love them. it took them a few trys to (small challenge) but when they did they seemed satisfied and gave me a big chameleon smile ... like this :D

Any tricks to the trade?


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I would actually recommend buying a culture of house flies and feed those out. You should be able to Google a source (Eds Fly Meat if it is still around was a popular spot). Plus catching and feeding wild flies is more risky than feeding other wild insects as you cannot be certain where they have been.

This place sells house fly pupa.
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You can put a 5 gallon bucket with dog food soaked wet in your yard. Put a screen in the dogfood for sifting. This will remove the larvae and pupae. You can then put your larvae and pupae into its own culture cups. You can get unlimited supply this way. Once they turn into flies and your ready to feed, put the cup into the freezer for about 1-2 min. This will stun them and they wont fly out after you open the top for feeding.


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Miyagi and Daniel catch flies with chopsticks .. awesome dude i got a good laugh at that
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