Best way to re-vive plants?


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Well, I asked a few of you in the chat room last night, but wanted to see if anyone else could help. I have a Hibiscus, Pothos, and a Golden Leaf Schefflera in my cham cage. Well my Hibiscus seemed like it was dying, so I took it out, and let it catch some sunshine on the porch. I also but some new potting soil and replanted it. It seems to be getting some new buds on it, but the leaves on it now seem to be droopy-ish lol. Any thoughts instead of wasting another 25 dollars on a Hibiscus? My chams love it, they tear it up, maybe that could be why its dying?

I have the same problem with my hibiscus. I have it in a "rotation" with a few other plants, but I can usually leave it in there for about a month before I give it a break. It takes about a week or two depending on how run down it is before it comes back, but it always comes back strong. Just give it a good amount of sun and water when it needs it and you shouldn't need a new one. Good luck!
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