Best way to hold up vines in a mesh cage.


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Hello everyone,
For my vines I was wondering what the best way was to support them in a mesh cage. The only ones I could find had suction cups and this doesn’t work supper well. Maybe someone had a link to better vines I could buy online?
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Hello and welcome to the forums! I have a mesh cage with lots of vines and what I do is just use plain old zip ties. You want to connect the vine and zip tie on a corner or frame of the cage, not the mesh. The mesh is not very strong and may rip the mesh if the vine is connected to the mesh while holding a chameleon on it, therefore ruining your cage. Hope this helps!😊


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Dragon ledges... Takes the weight off the screen

Or tiny zip ties... These through the screen will support light weight vines and if they are tiny diameter ties then they will not tear the screen. Just avoid the jungle vines that are black because they have a sandy coating that can come off in the chams eye.


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" Waxed String for Cable Lacing" (not floss lol) or black uv staple zip ties. The white ones will get brittle and snap under the uv lights.
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