Best way to earn veiled's trust?


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I'm trying to get Merlin, my male veiled, to trust me enough to climb onto my arm. I know that some chameleons will never come around, but I want to try to get him to trust me. I read that hand feeding is the best way to get them to associate your hand with good things, but very little is ever mentioned about getting them to trust you enough to feed out of your hand. How do you build up trust with your chameleon? Anyone have a mini guide to this?
hi. that is probably as close as you will get to him. mine doesnt like to be held, but he will accept food items out of my hand.
Well might I suggest taking him out to bring him on another part of your home like a big plant or something. My veiled sometimes speeds out of the cage to get on my hand cause it's like a taxi...I usually put him on the big plant in the kitchen and have a hard time getting him out because he likes it so much.
I would say just consistantly take him out. I take each of my chams out everyday for about 5-10 minutes. I have a panther who used to run away whenever I put my hand in (he was three months at the time). Now he is 5 months old and although he is still slightly hesitant, he goes onto my hand in less than 1 minute, then I take him out. I usually give him some snacks when he is out, fruit flys or things like that. I also have 2 other 3 month old panthers, I have had them for about 1 month and they do the same thing he did. They try to run and bite me, but I sort of just force them on my hand. Hopefully they will learn that I will not hurt them and they will come to my hand just like the 5 month old does.
Maybe start slow. I use a cup to and spin the calcium (and other supplements) on to the feeders. Opening the door and letting him pick out some food once or twice a week from the cup. I leave the cup near their cage too. Then move to your hand. Try to do so in the same fashion (the same spot) as you did with the cup. If he does this good you can move it a little further. Place an empty hand out and move the feeder in the other hand behind the empty hand. Most veileds are aggressive hunters if they can get closer to attack they will. This usually means he will come out on to your hand. I just let mine retreat in the cage at his own will. This is usually pretty quick. I like to keep it this way. The times I do have to take him out he does not like it so I keep the "food" association rather then I am going to take you out and annoy you. Some chameleons may actually want to come out (not mine). I would say it is all right to let them roam around or whatever if they are willing.
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