Best place to get fake plants/vines?


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Where is the best place to get fake plants and vines for climbing in a screen cage? online or in stores? :D


For climbing I use pet shop stuff, for extra foliage and decoration I use stuff from the dollar store.

Make sure you wash everything, especially the dollar store stuff because it may have oil and other chemicals left over from manufacturing.
Get fake plants at Michael's or Walmart.

^ Agreed. I have both artificial and real in all my enclosures. Michaels is great for the artificial stuff. You can usually get a weekly 40-50% off one item per order too. Good luck! Let us know what you find. :)


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I got almost all my stuff from walmart.

The dollar tree would be a great place though. Walmart's stuff can get a little pricy if you are purchasing a lot. The dollar tree would be good since it's all a dollar!!

Of course that's mostly just foilage and flowers. You can get bendy branches and stuff from the pet stores though!
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