Best Photo: 2006

Best Photo: 2006

  • Votes: 2 3.0%

  • Votes: 16 24.2%

  • Votes: 5 7.6%

  • Votes: 9 13.6%

  • Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Votes: 4 6.1%

  • Votes: 1 1.5%

  • Votes: 6 9.1%

  • Votes: 7 10.6%

  • Votes: 16 24.2%

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This contest is between the 1st place winners of 2006.

Contest info:
  • There are no prizes for this contest
  • Only one trophy (1st place) will be awarded
  • No judges will be involved, but voting records will be monitored
  • In case of a tie, the photo that received the most points in there monthly contest will win
  • Voting ends January 2 11:59PM CST

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This is a hard one. I will have to wait a little while before I can decided. So many great pictures and great chameleons in this one.
There is only one more day of voting. If you have not already, please vote for your favorite contest winner of 2006.

voting deadline: jan 1st 11:59 PM CST
The Results

voting has ended

As shown above, we have a tie for first place between Joshua and 2by2. As posted above: "In case of a tie, the photo that received the most points in their monthly contest will win". The two photos had the following vote count for their respected month:
Joshua: 9
2by2: 11

2by2 wins the best photo of 2006
Congratulations to the 2by2, thanks to the voters, Brad and team. ;)
Really hard contest with all superb pictures! I´m a little sad, but I wouldn´t believe if someone told me, that I´ll be second overall. I´m looking forward to the new year competitions. It´s a pity that I have no other species of chams, maybe sometimes .... :rolleyes:

All the best to the new year 2007 ! :D
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Looking at l the photos lined up again, I see there is tones of variety. It's good that not every photo is even remotely the same.

Hopefully Noah will become more active on the Forums as he recovers from his loss. Congratualtions Noah and well done Joshua and others.
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